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tv   Capital Account with Lauren Lyster  RT  February 2, 2013 8:28am-9:00am EST

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drone usage or total disregard for the constitution then i keep it under three minutes everything will be just fine but that's just my opinion. the republic of your quta here lies the events and special nomad camp of how. it is situated four thousand four hundred kilometers from moscow and two thousand kilometers from alaska. yes yes come here. what's wrong with him. take a look at his hoop is also a wall and. yes he can't get much food from under the snow because of the pain in his leg he's lost weight and need to vet. the contact base right away.
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the nearest villages have to steer one hundred kilometers away thick forest is all around there are no roads c.b. radio is the only means of communication here. come in horseshoe it is roger having missed me. not even for century. happens. reindeer are sick we need medicine. it's coming ok good. romance sim video of left to cook scratch
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a stiff few hours after news of the crippled reindeer came through ramon is always ready for a long journey even though his car doesn't have a jack wrench or even a rope and it only has a shovel. know what the people began calling me as soon as they knew i was coming they wanted me to bring some basic supplies with me. something i wished those are all there's no other way to reach them for. the reindeer herd is needed medicine. hunters and horse herders also need some goods and i think it's going to be a lot of fun. these reindeer also headed for how to steer several days ago the herd left you could choose southern most knew not to come since then herders have led them through thick forest to this small country track where they will meet with friends from a village on the way.
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hi there i how is the journey what about the rain they're good at that they're just fine well they're comfortable in the snow so let's not waste any time below them on the truck and get going. well i'm not sure how they feel it's important that they're counting. turn the wheels. right. to the right i'm telling here. the reindeer will be specially carried by truck a long track on packed snow would injure their hooves. we are taking them to a festival and how to steer it there will take part in reindeer team races i myself have trained one of the pairs but i trained them in a forest glade where the snow is usually softer but the main thing now is to get
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there i wonder how they will react to all the people in the village i hope to be able to win at least one round. of the. ranger herder in a can of his twenty one years old he began herding reindeer in the tighar to finishing school they didn't take him long to get accustomed to tyga life in a can't see didn't used to like visiting how to steer but some time ago he fell in love with a local girl indeed himself to the girl's parents and married her all within a week now for the first time in his life he yearns to revisit the village he's not yet seen that two month old daughter. is a long way to how to steer the road is studded with potholes frost and lumps of snow all of them are dangerous for reindeer but the biggest problem is keeping them calm
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last year panic stricken reindeer overturned their trailer that's why in a kantian you decide to a company that charges this time around. travelling long distances alone in your course it is dangerous settlements are few and far between a snowy road is the only guy. i didn't this vast expanse but it doesn't take long for harsh weather to obscure it from view but you know. what you could use roads according to challenge for example it could take you ten twenty twenty four hours to cover five hundred kilometers. those planning a trip to you could see as remote regions look for would be fellow travelers well in advance they advertise their plans in the press and on local television the way fare is agree on when to depart by phone beforehand even travelling with strangers
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is better than going it alone romanist lucky his close friend if gainey has agreed to join him on his journey. this small chapel on the hill is the best place for a meeting point. colas of how i. now find how things going. i'm going to take a nap in the back seat. of. the winter road takes them along the ice bound linna river thousands of years ago the ravines on its banks provided shelter. of god all of which there are lots of rock paintings really curious here but they haven't yet been studied properly. the rocks are crumbling away from erosion causing many paintings to disappear. nobody knows when
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they were made. most of the rough cart features the elk master of the siberian tiger are another animal depicted as the bison one of the main targets for hunters according to archaeologists primitive humans killed off the last bison you could hear some six thousand years ago scientists of. numerous bones of the magnificent beasts the ancient nomad camps. but recently direct descendants of the siberian bison reappeared here in the early twenty first century . these large mammals have an excellent sense of smell bison love that an area because they always smell of hay they keep the bison in good health communicate with them and even help with their private lives.
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when bison have a matriarchal society the main herd is commanded by a wise mother she is always surrounded by young mothers and. keep away from them they roam by themselves or in small groups but there is a dawn one among them is name is jaska he insists on being with the cows. bison returned due to an unprecedented experiment set up by canada's elk islands national park it was the first time in history that would bison were exported to a foreign country once and you could hear they managed to enjoy temperatures of minus sixty degrees celsius they easily adapted to life in the tai-chi. remand and you have kenny hit the first obstacle in that journey a vehicle stuck in a snow. plough how
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can you help sure no problem i know i mean the same situation tomorrow we should always help each other. the reindeer herd heads back to hop out of stock when to camp virus true. canal during the winter people can only reach this place with snowmobiles in the summer you need a heavy duty truck to nothing else will be able to take you through the thick forest. put is don't gain any profit from rearing forest reindeer. they never stroll to their animals to sell meat no effort is made to ensure the herds continuous growth instead they make a living from hunting. for
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men who are good to us reindeer are like humans but they differ from them in that they are pure at heart some of them are bad tempered and some are happy. but there are also meat animals among them all of them should be treated like children but if you hurt their feelings just once they will hold a grudge against you as long as they live in. a sick grained gives the hood is cause for concern now they need to examine the entire hood to satisfy themselves that all the other animals a healthy males a last suit on them clothes removed new on clothes will grow in the spring they will harden during the also just in time the rain do races. we come on come on. a look of relief look at him go. stall hold him hold of ok good well done. this one
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strong. wouldn't weights on the necks of the animals give the herd as control without them the beasts would easily escape from their masters and scatter around the woods the eddings believe that reindeer are guardians of the human soul they also believe that the rain day was a gift from god to humankind by tradition they roam from place to place together with their reindeer be it summer or winter. remanding me of getting have driven for hours with them to baltics for the reindeer. what do you think would be able to get any further it'll be a tough. one just because he gamma yet we're crossing the river there are no roads
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anywhere near here that all those strong winds blowing up all the time even if we try to clears the way the road becomes blocked off within a very short time so we need to go top speed. and we have to make sure we don't run into a snow drift which. will mean quite a bit of trouble if we don't forge ahead otherwise we'll get stuck in the snow i'm sure but for the time being we're travelling over hot. and now in our. in winter the ice on the lenna river is two and a half meters thick it is a lifeline to people living in out of the way villages supplying them with food and coal the route opens at the start of winter and last through to the end of may. these are called the land of pillows this is a protected area. few people know that the young could struggle to does a sacred place shamans perform their rituals here.
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normal. to maxime off comes from a family of shamans while performing a purification ritual he appeals to a benevolent dad see known as. the shaman stands at the site of the gigantic rupture that almost broke the siberian mainland into more than half a billion years ago it was at that time that the fanciful in a pill a spur from. the shaman pleads with the winds to drive all evil to the arctic ocean and clear the skies to reveal the womb for the summer.
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victor treats the white creator to fermented mez milk pulled from a you kuti in both the child on the two forms his rituals only in the daytime victim never uses a tumbler eem because of the belief that it sound attracts both evil as well as good spirits. or some set the salmon a piece is dark forces by playing a folk instrument called a. very are. they it could believe that energy from the center of the earth flows out to the limit pillows village elders say this is where the spirits like to congregate as for shamans it is their long standing belief that this place reconciles good and evil and life and death are.
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well. science technology innovation all the list i'm elements from around russia we've got the future covered. olympic gold. live. good speed. if you. wish. me luck
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good. luck. and i'm. gonna make a little. choose your language. please keep it up and if they feel some of. the consents to. change the opinions that you figure a couple. choose to stories get in life choose be access to your office.
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i was stuck. with had to give the spades up. because axel is sitting on the snow. and then the wall metal causes it to melt.
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the more the slow melts. the deeper the vehicle sinks. so we need to dig some of it out. don't worry that happens all the time. before they ended up stuck in the snow remand here jenny had been travelling for almost thirteen hours nonstop more than an hour has been wasted here. not a single vehicle has passed by them in that time remembers thoughts of focused on the ailing reindeer in the village of how to steal. his nerves are strained to the point and this setback has not helped c'mon get rid of some of the snow from still messing around with you ah. ah .
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that is the day for the horses yes the hay will last for three days make sure you don leave matches behind i hope you got em initially with you yes but not much. to give something to the dog's. good ninety ivanov expected a package to arrive last night there are no special shops for hunters in the village of bull good luck to where he lives in that he usually orders his ammunition from your coat but this time it's late. eat. an egg net and that you know that you've got to visit.
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the people in town of send this i mean ok thanks just on time i was about to go hunting. in the hunger district respectfully called canady. after the famous literary character in james fenimore cooper's novels the to share a thorough knowledge of animal behavior legend circulating in your. outstanding achievement several years ago he single handedly killed seven will was terrorizing the people of remote villages the hunter allows only absolutely trustworthy dogs to accompany him into the tiger. dogs are always helpful but they won't even let you freeze to death they would cling to your body to keep you warm in the snow piles of such dogs can cope with any kind of snow no matter whether it's deep or
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hard they easily run through it. is unlikely to venture into the tiger without dogs by his side you could go there even without a rifle but you better steer clear of the tiger unless dogs go with you. in that he has hunted on the same hunting ground in the tighar all through his adult life he controls the numbers of wild beasts out there on his own husky smell that prey even through thick snow and water underwater traps are set up when muskrats gather for a feast. equipment boils down to nothing more complicated than an ordinary open ended cage it's a nonviolent method nothing sharp no bullets or dogs are involved. the government assigns quotas to natives living in the country's north allowing them to hunt for muskrat sable and squirrel they took one of your cooties best hunters just
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an hour to catch ten muskrats without firing a single shot. take a look at that. but the ammunition he's received from your cook school come in handy as the saying goes the big hunt and sunrise a one in the same. a frozen some times over how to steal only dog seem able to defy the bitter cold. the villages main road is empty early in the morning all of the residents flock to the river bank. today is a celebration paraded heard as it is their most important day of the year in accordance with an old ever think custom women give the guests white bread and wave
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spruce branches to ward off evil spirits. traditional dress is a major specially for this occasion and the guests are treated to the best meat in stock before the start of rain display races people visit the faire laid out on the bank roaring trade accompanies the merry making. a glass down to baltics for the ailing rain arrive at how to steer from it could nearly twenty four hours after the news of its illness came through oh i may see her you good to see you did you get it. this should be given before everything else all instructions of the. first minutes of journey twenty four hours in all that's ok you made a long time. frame
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to her the jewel stand procopio makes haste it's important for him to get to compass for some set it's a long way off. meanwhile festivities are in full swing to steer the reindeer herd is entire families flock here from every night in my camp and so in your county they want to know who's good is best.
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coming after parts of the course there's a tricky turn there. although in a candy's in town he can see his little daughter it's minus thirty seven degrees celsius so his family stays at home missing out on the chance to congratulate him on his first ever victory. along with his brother hugh gore in a canteen when the mounted reindeer race to victory makes the manageable for the final round the festival's main event. well done i did my best and. most of my film happy because this is my first when they would. general round is about to start i'll try to win but reindeer can be difficult to ride because at the.
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olympics. normally safety is ensured by sending two snowmobiles on a long trek through the tide whatever is needed for survival out here is loaded onto the sleighs reduced to today's a day of festivities his size against bothering anyone before he sets off it's a risky journey but he makes it back safely to the moments when to come.
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i'm back with antibiotics let's give him a quick deals you got here pretty quickly. as often doubles vets in winter camps they spend more time with brain dead than they do with people they know all the symptoms and can immediately diagnose range to illnesses this can also tell exactly how much medicine arranged in needs the problem however is that sometimes they run short on medical supplies it's lucky if deliveries arrive on time. it will be ok just relax careful. there we go. over ink so the smallest native
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ethnic group in the cutest south they have a head to the same simple calls for centuries if the rain did disappear so fully in banks. when friends around a sick one feels better i think he will go on living. the government no longer represents the people. the people are going to take such as. we.
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please just in the traditional split in the public to live. the way our economic system really lives not to. live. play. i. live.
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live. live. live live. live . look. more news today violence is once again flared up
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look these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked. charlayne operations are all of a. leg. length . look.


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